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Adnan Yunus
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Trade in industrial couplings and components.
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11 to 25 people
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1000 square feet
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Front balcony
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About Us

EPT Coupling, Founded in 1984 in Macaubas Is considered Leading supplier And Business of High-quality mechanical transmission products. We are equipped with a team height has experience And Knowledgeable professionals. They pay close attention to the complete scope and ensure their Perfect performance.our Quality AnalystRegular test They are in various parameter Make sure they meet International quality standards. To meet the specific need And Claim Among our customers, we provide ranges according to their requirements specification. This helps keep ethics relationship With our customers.


The team we work with is in Cooperate closely Meet each other concrete need Of clientIn addition, the staff also ensured that the scope is Promotion To customers timely And safely. We also make sure Employees hired Has been completed Knowledge About Applications in the industry:. The products we provide are Tools, mechanical drive couplings, universal joints, industrial automation components, ball drives, industrial engineering tools, seals/O-rings, couplings, automation components, couplings, brackets, pulleys And Holder.


In our business, we strictly abide by Ethical business policy And got a huge appreciation in the market.become a Quality-centric organization, Our main purpose is to present High-quality mechanical transmission products. Our company's team uses these products to manufacture these products High-quality raw materials From Certified supplier. With the highest quality products we get Huge customer base.


Our range of high-quality products is considered worldwide its according to versus high Quality StandardFrom purchase And to the end Dispatch, Our range is very good test Various parameter.



We are equipped with a spacious infrastructure area, including all The latest facilities. These facilities include all updated machines high on production. our team Experienced professionals Close job Synchronize Satisfy Piece of Claim our client.The staff store the entire series in our infrastructure,Where are they maintain And Safekeeping. We have also kept Kind relationship With our customers Roger that Great appreciation From them.In addition, our team also emphasized Quality Standard product. 

Product Range

Our expertise allows us to provide The highest quality mechanical transmission products To our valued customers.These products are used Latest machine Procured from Certified supplier. Raw materials are purchased from Reliable supplier. Our company’s dedicated team ensures that the product is Delivered in timeThe range of available products we provide is:-


Classified by product

Products and technology

Mechanical transmission coupling

Jaw coupling


Pin sleeve coupling


Tire coupling


Gear coupling


Servo coupling


Hydraulic coupling


Grid coupling


Industrial automation components

Automation components

Industrial Engineering Tools

Ball transfer device


Industrial installation


Industrial pulley


Hydraulic seal


Jaw/Gasket (Powertech)


Jaw/gasket coupling – Riddhi


Jaw/washer (jaw/washer coupling-Ktr)


Jaw/washer (jaw/washer coupling-Lovejoy)


Jaw/washer (jaw/washer coupling-Fenner)


Pulley (metric pulley)


Pulley (variable speed pulley)


Pulley-Split lock




Bracket (round machine)


Bracket (generator bracket)

Our colleagues

Since our establishment, we have been dealing with certified and consistent suppliers.These suppliers are well-known and highly respected in their field of work.Quality testing is conducted at the manufacturer's premises; therefore, the components purchased from them are high-end and provide excellent performance.

Our supplier base is not only domestic, but also international, because some of our components are sourced from German and Swiss manufacturers.Our employees are indispensable to the expansion and success of our organization.Some of our main partners are as follows:

  Mechanical transmission coupling
  • Germany KTR
  • electronic
  • Fenner
  • Lovejoy
  • ESBI
  • Power technology
   Automation components
  • Goodall (AG)
  • Summer-Auto
   Anti-vibration installation
  • Poly Bond
  • Power technology
   Pulley/Speed ​​Pulley
  • Fenner
  • Sudarson
  • Vasty
  Engineering/Workshop Hand Tools
  • Taparia-Everest
  • Mount Everest


Cater to the industry

Our company is engaged in supply And trading Different kinds mechanical Transmission products. These products are used High-quality raw materials . purchase here Certified supplier. Our wide range Widely acclaimed Because of its high quality He Durability.They are among our customers because of their outstanding performance And according to versus International Quality standard. Products are widely used in the following fields:-


  • Public sector company
  • Private sector company

our team

Thanks to our exclusive range, we got Highest position in the market.The position was obtained with our help dedicated And committed team member.They have an in-depth understanding of the industry and meet our specific requirements Customer in time. They make the whole series Latest machine Use high High-quality materials. Our team members source them from certified suppliers and make sure they according to versus high quality standard. Our professional team includes:-


  • Skilled technician
  • Quality Analyst
  • Experienced professionals

at your service

Because of our vastness experience And Knowledge Regarding this industry, we are the most First choice industry. The products we provide are test On various parameters, and make sure that high quality. They are manufactured under the following conditions guide we Experienced team members. Our product series are widely praised for the following aspects:-


  • Compliance with industrial setting specifications
  • Quality test
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Timely delivery.
  • Safe use



EPT Coupling
Macaubas, Brazil

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