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Automation components

We are one of the famous wholesalers and traders Automation components, Procurement from well-known and reliable suppliers.we provide Highly engineered automation components To our valued customers, to ensure Latest schematic diagram Used in manufacturing.


We provide high-quality racks and pinions with diameters and metric module pitches. These products are made of high-quality materials and are widely used in automobiles, material handling equipment, machine tools, etc.In addition, our rack and pinion series are widely recognized for their high strength, wear resistance, and noise-free and vibration-free operation characteristics.


We are engaged in wholesale and supply Industrial fixtures, Made of high-quality raw materials.We provide diversified Gripper, Which includes Gripper (electric), gripper (special), gripper (pneumatic), linear cylinder, gripper (hydraulic), separator And many others.This product is used Latest schematic diagram, Which provides better effectiveness And flexibility.  


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