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Fluid coupling

We provide a variety of fluid couplings made of high-quality stainless steel.These couplings are from well-known suppliers and can provide different specifications to meet customer requirements.They are very durable, corrosion-resistant and provide high-end features.


When Elecon-Fluid Couplings injects the proper oil level and turns on the motor, the oil in the passage between the impeller blades will accelerate radially outwards, gaining energy until the maximum circuit diameter is reached.Then the oil is transferred from the impeller to the runner, where it is forced to move inward between the blades, and as the radial velocity decreases, energy is transferred to the runner and the output shaft.Because the oil flows directly from the impeller to the runner (without reaction parts, such as in a torque converter), the efficiency is very high, and in practice a full load slip of 2% to 5% can be achieved, depending on the application and size selection.
Wind resistance and oil circulation losses are negligible, so the efficiency is equal to 100% slip ratio.If an overload occurs, the turbo coupling will stall, that is, slip 100% at the torque value determined by the initial oil level.Therefore, the motor and the machine are protected.
ELECON fluid dynamic constant-filling fluid coupling has the following advantages:


The performance level of Fluid Coupling mainly depends on the design of its working circuit, including the shape of the circuit, the number of blades in the circuit, and the position of the blades. The working circuit developed by Elecon has outdated field experience and is critical to the performance of the fluid coupling. Elecon fluid couplings are robust, simple in design and reliable in operation.

Reduce starting current:

When the Elecon fluid coupling is connected to the drive system, it allows the motor to start with almost no load.This leads to a reduction in the starting current, thereby realizing rapid starting and acceleration of the drive motor.

Slow start

It enables the driven equipment to start gradually, thereby providing smooth and shock-free transmission.

Low maintenance cost:

Drive and driven equipment wear less, thereby reducing electrical and mechanical maintenance costs.

Protect motors and machines:

In the case of overload or accidental jam, the transmission torque is limited by the hydraulic coupling, thereby providing protection for the motor and the connected machine.If the blockage time is prolonged, the fusible plug will blow out to empty the fluid coupling, thereby disconnecting the output from the input, protecting the drive and driven equipment.In order to prevent oil leakage and increase safety devices, in addition to fusible plugs, thermal trigger switches can be provided as needed.


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