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Powertech Grid / Spring Couplings provides you with a combination of the high power rating of gear couplings and the flexibility advantages of elastomer couplings.They are easy to install and easy to maintain.The flexible grid can be quickly replaced without disturbing connected devices.
Powertech grid/spring couplings are available in a variety of sizes, with a power from 0.45 kW to 1307 kW per 100 rpm, and a bore diameter of up to 267mm.


The high-torque grid/spring coupling basically consists of a grid spring that connects two hubs-one on the drive shaft and the other on the driven shaft-through axial cut grooves on the periphery of the two hubs.The spring adopts a special design compatible with the required characteristics of the system, forming a series of grids/spring bridges along the groove.The groove expands outward to allow the grid member to have a longer flexible span under normal load, and to provide better support by the side of the groove under overload conditions.
The stiffness of the spring and the stiffness of the coupling depend on the length of each flexible span not in contact with the groove.Subsequently, the contact length changes with each change in torque, resulting in a change in the stiffness of the coupling at each moment in the vibration cycle.Therefore, this produces a strong detuning effect, leading to constant changes in the torsional vibration frequency and preventing the accumulation of resonance in the system.
The design principle adopted by the grid/spring coupling allows it to accommodate considerable axial, parallel and angular misalignment between the driving machine and the driven machine.At the same time, due to the high torque, it can absorb considerable overload, thereby reducing the wear of equipment and machinery.By using grid/spring couplings, failures and downtime of any manufacturing unit will be minimized.
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The company is one of the efficient and outstanding traders and wholesalers Generator installation, Made with high-quality raw materials.Our range Generator installation Apply to Fixed application As Fans and blowers, DG groups, pumps, hydraulic power stations, compressors And many others.It is recommended to avoid grouting Friction pad. 

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We provide comprehensive Universal joint, We source from leading manufacturers.Our range Universal joint Is the result of Be carefull construction,make sure Very good performance; very good performance. This range Universal joint is widely used in Pharmaceutical And Food industry.The product is made with the highest quality raw materials.We provide products at reasonable prices.

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Our range Ball transfer device Is specifically for Multi-directional use.Our range Ball transfer device Is to ensure that Turn around easily, manipulate And Pushd的 Unit load. the design of Ball transfer device Allow heavy objects to be moved from one place to another ease.correct lubricating And cleaning supplies Need long-lasting results Ball transfer device. We provide this series of Ball bearing Transmission unit At a competitive price.

Fixing method:

There are many ways to fix the Alwayse ball unit.A wide range of accessories allows them to be used with a variety of different materials.Retaining clips can be used in most designs.


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We provide a wide variety of hardware tool, Made with high-quality raw materials.Tools are an integral part of any type of manufacturing cell.Our range tool very happy Praise For its rreliability, reliability And durability. This product is used meets the of set standard. We offer this range to our valued customers at a reasonable price. 

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  • Business natureExporters and wholesalers
  • Number of employees11 to 25 people
  • year established1986
  • The legal status of the companyPartnership

EPT Coupling, Founded in 1984 in Macaubas Widely engaged in the following businesses Trade, import, export And supply The highest quality mechanical transmission products. The height of the product provided by our team has experienceEmployee is Mechanical detailsTransmission couplings, tools, industrial automation components, universal joints, industrial engineering tools, ball transmissions, couplings, seals/O-rings, pulleys, automation components, clamps And installation.

Our company is Cooperation versus Internationally renowned And National institution. We provide a wide range of products Calculate Because they guarantee compliance Required quality parameters. We are also called Leading dealers and distributors And Wholesaler Form many High-brand manufacturer Sell ​​and store their product range.In addition, we also Praise For us Quality Standard Span EarthIn addition, we have sufficient inventory in all brands, and in Land capital Provide both Not-standard And Standard size.

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EPT Coupling
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