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Install components

We bring a variety of installation components to our customers, which are made of high-quality raw materials and synthetic materials.In addition, our product line has a reputation for durability, reliability and consistency.These mounts are available in dimensional variations and are very suitable for heavy machinery and equipment.


The company is one of the efficient and outstanding traders and wholesalers Generator installation, Made with high-quality raw materials.Our range Generator installation Apply to Fixed application As Fans and blowers, DG groups, pumps, hydraulic power stations, compressors And many others.It is recommended to avoid grouting Friction pad. 

Part Name A B C D E F Free Top bolt Loading capacity
Super mount 1 114 82 90 127 12.7 132 74 M12+25L 300Kg
Super mount 5 195 140 165 220 18 203 110 M16+50L 1200Kg


We are one of the efficient and outstanding suppliers and traders Round machine installation, Procurement from reliable suppliers.Our range Round machine installation Designed for easy installation Machinery and Minimum noise And at least inherent And 外部 vibration.Our range Round machine installation Available 9 models With various Carrying capacity Apply to Different loads. This product is suitable for Milling machines, grinders, cutters, wood processing machines, power and hydraulic machines And many others. 


It facilitates machine installation and suppresses noise levels-external and natural vibrations.Adjustable built-in guide rails help to accurately level the workpiece and keep the machine stationary. Louison circular adjustable mounts are available in nine models to suit different load-bearing capacities.The correct choice of devices can improve mechanical efficiency.

specification PM100 PM200 PM400 PM600 PM800 PM1000 PM1200 PM1600 PM2000
直径 40 mm 50 mm 85 mm 105 mm 125 mm 145 mm 165 mm 185 mm 200 mm
White with a guide 22 42 42 50 50 56 56 68 68
Adjustable level zero 50 50 60 60 68 68 80 80
bolt* M-10 M-10 M-10/12 M-12/16 M-12/16 M-16/20 M-16/20 M-16/20 M-16/20/24
Carrying capacity (kg) 50 100 100 200 200 400 400 600 600 800 700 1100 900 1400 1200 1800 1600 2000


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