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Pulley assembly

We are a major supplier of various pulley components, which are made of high-quality steel or aluminum.In addition, based on its advanced manufacturing, our pulley series is light in weight and offers metric and inch timing belt pitches.These pulleys are available in various specifications, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.


We are engaged in trading and supplying the best quality Variable speed pulley, For Constant conversion speed Motor enters variable speed smoothly And accurate even if The machine is moving.The product is Manufacturing As low as Better than quality Raw materials and available in each Size To meet customer requirements.We can provide this product at a competitive price.

Architecture and work

The belt pulley (A) slides along the axis of the serrated hub (B) and is pressed against the working side of the transmission belt (C) by a special basket spring (D).These special sun-shaped springs are rotationally symmetrically located on the two disks and provide the force required for effective power transmission.The pulley disc and the hub are connected by serrations.Due to these serrations, the surface pressure allowed by the mirror surface is maintained.As a result, a very long life is achieved.

Speed ​​Adjustment™

The drive motor with variable speed pulley is installed on the adjustable motor slide.By adjusting the center distance between the driving shaft and the driven shaft, the wide-section V-belt is further pulled into or out of the spring-loaded variable speed pulley, thereby adjusting the speed of the fixed pulley.In addition to the motor sliding base, the speed adjustment can also be carried out by the motor jack or the guide wheel pulley.

Swati motor sliding base adopts flat and sturdy design.They are sturdy and durable, with perfect parallelogram guide rails to ensure the normal operation of Swati variable speed pulleys.In order to limit the adjustment range, two end stops are provided.Three sizes can be used in different configurations.

Angle hand wheel (u) – The handwheel is fixed at 33° above the horizontal.

Straight handrail (st) – Handwheel is parallel to the horizontal plane


Our company participates in supply Pulley (metric pulley), Procured from famous And reliable supplier.Our range Pulley (metric pulley) test under each parameter, Which ensures durability And reliability The product.We provide this series of products to our valued customers at a competitive price. 


Our company is engaged in quality wholesale and trade Pulley-release lock. The product is purchased from a reliable supplier who uses high-quality iron to manufacture.The raw materials used for manufacturing are highQuality in accordance with IS 210 And Level 20 actorsiron. This product can contact us at more time 400 standard sizes, completely reliable And durable Lasts longer.



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